Delphi Books as open data is a list of all (the most of) books published about Delphi, Pascal and Object Pascal. Some of the data displayed on our website are available through this API under a CC BY-SA license.

Datas like authors photos, publishers logos, reviewers and reviews, table of contents and descriptions can't be shared because of intellectual property or by choice.

You can use our API for your websites or softwares but you can't distribute the datas to others as a separate product. If you use our API, please make a link to this website in the credits, legal information or on the pages where our datas are displayed. A classic "Power by" with a link to will be great.

How to use the API ?

Our API gives you 3 datasets:

Lists are available as JSON records of objects.
Elements are available as JSON objects.

Each element has an "id". It's the unique key you can use to access it.

Dates are in YYYY-MM-DD format. YYYY for the year, MM for the month (01 to 12), DD for the day (01 to 31).
Sometimes DD is equal to "00". Sometimes DD and MM are equal to "00". Please check them before displaying them.

Books languages are available as 2 letters ISO 3166 code.
If you need to display a flag for each language, you'll find them at where XX is the language code in lowercase.

Please don't link to our images (covers, photos, logos, etc) except if you use them with our API.

Use the links depending your programming language and its JSON library.

You also can look at our code samples and libraries for PHP, Javascript and Delphi or other repositories on GitHub.

The books

The list of all books in our database is available at They are sorted by alphabetical order.

You also can retrieve only books published since a year at They are sorted by published date descendant. First is the younger, last is the older.

In this list, each book element has :

For more datas on a book, you have to call the URL (don't forget to replace "ID" by the book's id).

Each book has :

Published date, ISBN10 and ISBN13 may be empty. Please check them before displaying anything on your website or software.

The author element has :

The publisher element has :

The authors

The list of all authors is available at

Each author in the list has :

If you want more datas on an author, use where you have to replace "ID" by author's id.

Each author has :

The books in this list have :

The publishers

Finally you can have a list of publishers by calling

Each publisher in the list has:

And if you want the books they publish, call with the publisher's id as ID.

The publishers datas are :

The books in this list have :