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Delphi 2010 XML, SOAP and Web Services Development

Published by : Lulu

Writed by : Bob Swart

Published date : 12/03/2010

Language : English English

Web site :

About Delphi 2010 XML, SOAP and Web Services Development

Chapter 1 covers XML Programming, starting with XML document and TXMDocument usage, then moving to XML Data Binding and the XML Mapping Tool from the Enterprise version of Delphi. As example, we'll use the RSS feed of one of my blogs. The second chapter is about Web Services: SOAP and WSDL. We learn how to create SOAP servers, to use multiple different targets, to trace SOAP requests and debug SOAP servers, to deploy them on Windows 2003 or 2008, to import them for SOAP clients, and to trace the SOAP requests at the client side. We add SOAP exceptions and support for SOAP attachments, and end the chapter with a number of practical exercises. The third chapter is about SOAP Security, talking about HTTP and SSL, and demonstrating how to use SOAP Headers at the client and server side, ending with practical exercises to put this into use again. A more recent edition of the book can also be purchased in PDF format (with free updates and e-mail support) from my website at

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