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Delphi 4 Unleashed

Published by : Sams

Writed by : Charles Calvert

Published date : 01/11/1998

ISBN-10 : 0672312859

ISBN-13 : 9780672312854

Language : English English

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About Delphi 4 Unleashed

Charlie Calvert s Delphi 4 Unleashed is an all-new edition written by one of the most well-known developers in the Delphi community. This advanced reference will provide programmers with the information they need to build high-end Delphi applications and components compatible with ActiveX and Java. Calvert will bring the newest technologies and features of Delphi into focus and show programmers how to utilize them. Some features will include: Building and integrating components with Java, Active X, etc. Internet enabling applications and components? Internet and Intranet applications and enabling Delphi s Multi-tier Distributed Applications Services Suite (MIDAS) and how it works with Delphi Client/server architecture and enterprise wide development Note: Content for the book and CD will be all new.Charlie Calvert s Delphi 4 Unleashed is a complete high-end reference for programmers and developers in Delphi.Charlie Calvert is well-known and well-respected in the Borland and Delphi communities.This book will tell programmers what the manuals don t- and how to make Delphi 4 really work for them.

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Table of content

PART I - GETTING STARTED CHAPTER 1 - PROGRAM DESIGN BASICS The Structure of This Book The Sample Programs Creating Well-Designed Programs Notes on the Text of This Book A Note to the Reader Summary CHAPTER 2 - IDE AND VCL ENHANCEMENTS Dockable Toolbars Working with Tool Windows Working with the Code Explorer New Tools Found in Delphi 4 Docking Windows Action Lists Function Overloading Dynamic Arrays The implements Keyword Summary CHAPTER 3 - POLYMORPHISM Polymorphism from 20,000 Feet Polymorphic Assignment Compatibility Virtual Methods and Polymorphism Polymorphism in the VCL Summary CHAPTER 4 - EXCEPTION HANDLING How I Approach Exceptions in the Chapter The Theory Behind Exceptions Exception Classes Basic Exception Syntax Raising Exceptions Creating and Raising Your Own Exceptions Reraising an Exception try..finally Blocks Streams, Exceptions, and Freeing Memory Replacing the Default Exception Handler Using Resources to Track Error Strings Summary CHAPTER 5 - THREADS Processes and Memory Threads: A Simple Example One Program, Multiple Threads Working with Mutexes Threads and the VCL Thread-Safe Database Access VCL Thread-Safe Objects Using the TThread Object Setting a Thread's Priority Delphi Threads Revisited Summary PART II - CREATING COMPONENTS CHAPTER 6 - CREATING COMPONENTS: PART I Component Theory Creating Descendants of an Existing Component Packages: Placing a Component on the Component Palette Extending the Unleash Unit Creating a Truly Useful Component Summary CHAPTER 7 - CREATING COMPONENTS: PART II Building Components from Scratch The Clock Component Creating Icons for Components The Tools API: Property Editors and Component Editors Nonvisual Components The FindAllW Program The CompDirs Program TCCPickDirDlg Component Templates ActiveX Controls Summary PART III - DATABASE PROGRAMMING CHAPTER 8 - FIELDS AND DATABASE TOOLS Getting Started with Relational Databases Simple Set Logic: The Basis of Relational Databases Rule Numero Uno: Create a Primary Key for Each Table! Using Database Tools to Explore and Manipulate Tables The Fields Editor Calculated Fields TDBGrid at Runtime Working with TDBGrid Columns Lookup Fields Multirecord Objects Summary CHAPTER 9 - FLAT-FILE REAL-WORLD DATABASES The Sample Program in This Chapter Designing an Application Defining the Program's Appearance Lookups: Working with the Category Field Setting Up the Command Structure for the Program Examining the "Rough Draft" of an Application Creating Your Objects Creating a Finished Program Moving In and Out of Read-Only Mode Sorting Data Searching for Data Filtering Data Marking Files Setting Colors Working with the Registry The Clipboard: Cut, Copy, and Paste Summary CHAPTER 10 - RELATIONAL DATABASES Data in the Real World Examining the Relational Address Program The Code for kdAdd Inserting Data and Canceling Operations Using the kdAddExplore Program Summary CHAPTER 11 - WORKING WITH THE LOCAL INTERBASE SERVER Getting Started with InterBase Creating Databases Exploring a Database with WISQL Transactions Cached Updates Many-to-Many Relationships Security and the InterBase Server Manager Summary CHAPTER 12 - INTERBASE PROGRAMMING About the Music Program Designing the Music Program Creating Indices on the Music Table Generators, Triggers, and Stored Procedures Server-Side Rules Versus Client-Side Rules An Overview of the Interface for the Music Program Working with Child Forms The Code for the Music Program Working with Data in the Music Program Asking the Database a Question: An Abbreviated SQL Primer Summary PART IV - COM CHAPTER 13 - INTERFACES AND THE BASICS OF COM Understanding COM Interfaces An Introduction to Interfaces The Theory Behind Interfaces Creating and Using COM Interfaces Advanced Interface Issues Summary CHAPTER 14 - TCOMOBJECT, TTYPEDCOMOBJECT, AND TYPE LIBRARIES Sample Programs TComObject Putting Commonly Used Interfaces in a DLL Type Libraries and Querying Objects Summary CHAPTER 15 - CREATING COM AUTOMATION SERVERS AND CLIENTS Understanding OLE Automation Clients and Servers Building a Simple COM Server and Client IDispatch, Dual Interfaces, and Dispinterfaces Type Libraries Ignoring Parameters with EmptyParam Registration Issues Marshaling Data Automatically Getting Two or More Interfaces from One CoClass Summary CHAPTER 16 - USING DELPHI TO AUTOMATE WORD AND EXCEL System Requirements for Automating Office Applications Getting Started with Delphi and Excel Understanding Excel Automation Objects Sharing a Chart Between Excel and Word Copying Data from Excel to Word Summary PART V - INTERNET CHAPTER 17 - INTERFACES AND INTERNET EXPLORER Comparing Variants and Interfaces Files Needed in This Chapter Working with Word and Excel Working with IE and TWebBrowser Placing an ActiveX Control Within a Browser Summary CHAPTER 18 - THE WEBBROKER: CGI AND ISAPI Web Modules Web Server Application Wizard WebBroker Components IntraBob TPageProducer TDataSetPageProducer Browsing State Advanced Page Producing TDataSetTableProducer Database Web Application Wizard TQueryTableProducer Summary CHAPTER 19 - WININET AND FTP Understanding WinINet, FTP, and TCP/IP Some Notes on Installing TCP/IP FTP Using WinINet Using the FTP Control in a Program Summary PART VI - DISTRIBUTED PROGRAMMING CHAPTER 20 - DCOM COM and Distributed Architectures A Simple DCOM Client and Server Revisiting the SystemInformation Program Lightweight Remote Datasets Program Data and Automation Data Testing the Remote Debugging System Summary CHAPTER 21 - MIDAS An Overview of Multitier Computing Technology Details: Using Distributed Datasets Building a Simple MIDAS Application Building a One-to-Many Application Building a Remote Data Client Application Error Handling Server-Side Logic Versus Client-Side Logic Required DLLs Using OLEnterprise Summary CHAPTER 22 - ACTIVEFORMS Introduction to ActiveForms Building an ActiveForm Deploying an ActiveForm for Use in Internet Explorer Working with CAB Files and Packages Running an ActiveForm in Word Using Templates with ActiveForms Sockets and ActiveForms Summary CHAPTER 23 - MTS What Is MTS? How Do I Install MTS? Creating a Simple MTS Server Creating a Simple MTS Client Calling the Object Locally Registering an Object with MTS Calling the Object Remotely Creating a Simple MTS Database Server Creating a Simple MTS Database Client Working with MTS Transactions Building an MTS Example That Spans Multiple Servers The Code for the Rocket Program Summary CHAPTER 24 - CORBA Understanding CORBA Two Important CORBA Repositories Simple CORBA Objects Understanding the IDL Interface to the Server Simple CORBA Dynamic Project Simple CORBA Database Objects Working with the VisiBroker Manager and OSFind Summary CHAPTER 25 - DELPHI, JAVA, AND C++ Using CORBA with Delphi and Java Calling a Java Server from Delphi Calling a Delphi CORBA Server from C++Builder Summary PART VII - GAME PROGRAMMING CHAPTER 26 - VCL GRAPHICS CLASSES The Windows GDI and the VCL TCanvas The VCL Makes Graphics Programming Easy Working with TCanvas Exploring and Using Brushes Exploring and Using Pens Exploring and Using Fonts Exploring and Using TCanvas.PenPos Exploring and Using TCanvas.ClipRect Exploring and Using TCanvas.CopyMode Exploring and Using TCanvas.Pixels Exploring and Understanding the TCanvas Methods MainBrush Sample Code A Line by Any Other Name Looking Deeper into the VCL Palettes An In-Depth Look at Image File Formats in Windows Exploring TPaintBox and TImage A Bit More About Bitmaps Summary CHAPTER 27 - DIRECTDRAW Understanding DirectDraw A Simple DirectDraw Program Deallocating Interfaces Smooth Animation Working with Bitmaps Game Resources Summary CHAPTER 28 - MORE DIRECTX TECHNOLOGIES DirectSound Creating a DirectX Game A Brief Look at Direct3D Key 3D Technologies Summary INDEX