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Delphi DataSnap Full Stack Development

Writed by : Eden Wu

Published date : 05/2023

ISBN-10 : 9869530044

ISBN-13 : 9789869530040

Language : English English

Web site :

About Delphi DataSnap Full Stack Development

Unlock Your Web Development Skills from 0 to 1: Master Backend Knowledge and Learn Frontend Development Tricks Delphi Advanced Framework – A comprehensive guide to building DataSnap projects, suitable for beginners and those interested in Delphi development. Discover practical jQuery EasyUI and Sencha ExtJS frontend libraries, along with implementing AJAX operations in DataSnap. Introduction to basic SQL Server database operations such as CRUD and how to apply them in real projects. Learn the basics of Delphi syntax, commonly used components, and how to integrate frontend and backend technologies. Who this book is for: ★ Those who have some experience with JavaScript but don't know how to start learning backend skills ★ Those who have used Delphi but don't want to start from scratch ★ Those who struggle with writing Delphi programs ★ Those who want to develop full-stack projects using DataSnap Features of this book: 1. The book adopts a progressive approach to developing a full-stack web application for a backend management system, allowing learners to get started immediately. 2. All the code in the book is presented without any omissions, with key points excerpted and explained to strengthen understanding and retention. 3. Provides illustrations of framework principles, helping readers focus on learning the key points. 4. Practical projects can be applied directly in real-world scenarios, achieving accelerated learning outcomes. This book also provides a detailed analysis of common Delphi syntax, DataSnap framework implementation, and Delphi database connection components - dbExpress. Readers will learn how to develop an enterprise-level employee management system and practical case study - Aquatic World System. The final part of the book teaches you how to implement an EasyUI employee management system using the ExtJS framework, as well as optimizing the performance of the DataSnap server. In addition, an appendix on Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is provided. This book will solve the pain points of Delphi DataSnap full-stack web development, allowing you to quickly master the relevant skills and become an expert in web development.

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Table of content

Book Information 2 Copyright Notice 7 Endorsements by Friends in the Delphi Community 8 Foreword 12 I'm native, I'm proud 12 Trend Impact 12 Common Issues 13 Technical Integration 14 Content Structure 15 Achieving Better 15 Full Book Example Link 16 Building Full-Stack Services from 0 to 1 17 Web Application Architecture of This Book 17 Getting to know the Delphi development tool 17 Starting Your First DataSnap Project 21 First execution 29 Code explanation 31 Building jQuery EasyUI Operating Environment 43 Updates are required for projects when using Delphi XE (2011) 47 Introduction to commonly used EasyUI components 50 Parser 51 SearchBox 53 Progressbar 57 Tooltip 60 Panel 64 Tabs 70 Accordion 78 Layout 83 LinkButton 88 Form 92 ValidateBox 96 ComboBox 100 DateBox 105 Window 109 Dialog 113 Messager 117 DataGrid 120 AJAX Application in DataSnap 126 What is AJAX? 126 Using VanillaJS with DataSnap 132 Introduction to DataSnap REST Message Passing Protocol 135 Using jQuery with DataSnap 137 JavaScript API provided by DataSnap 140 Delphi common syntax 142 Naming Rules 142 Variable Declaration 142 Methods (procedure and function) 143 String Processing 144 Numeric Processing 148 Operator Symbols 149 Flow Statements 156 Containers 161 DataSnap Framework 170 Introduction to Delphi Web Architecture 170 Unicode Support 173 Creating a database 175 DataSnap REST Architecture 177 DataSnap API and URI Mapping 179 Request Process and Session Management 179 DataSnap REST Server Authentication Mechanism 180 DataSnap State Management and Stateless Protocol Design 183 JSON Parsing 194 Delphi Database Connectivity Component - dbExpress 199 What is dbExpress? 199 Component Access Layer - TSQLConnection 200 Driver layer - TDBXConnection 207 DBX Convert to JSON 213 DataSnap Development Practices and Techniques 236 Login and Main Pages Creation 236 In-Depth Implementation: Developing an Employee Management System for Enterprises 262 Practical Case: Aquarium World System Creation 294 Front-end Concept 294 Code Explanation 297 About Detail View 301 Summary 311 Implementing an EasyUI Employee Management System with the ExtJS Framework 312 Introduction 312 Preparing for ExtJS Rewriting 314 Construct the Homepage First 315 Application entry point 318 Login screen implementation – First experience with MVVM 325 Design for successful login 332 Return the login status to the main app screen 335 Dynamic Tab Opening Method 338 Employee Management Frontend Implementation 340 Create Model 340 Create Grid View 341 Create ViewModel 344 Create ViewController 347 Employee Management Backend Implementation 352 Create 352 Read 353 Update 355 Delete 356 Challenges encountered 357 Conclusion 358 Optimizing DataSnap Server Performance 360 Thread Pooling 360 Reduce unnecessary file creation attempts 361 Deploy the service in ISAPI DLL mode 362 Appendix 371 Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) 371 Link to source code for all examples in this book: 374