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Delphi Succinctly

Published date : 29/02/2016

ISBN-13 : 9781642001013

Language : English English

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About Delphi Succinctly

Learn the fundamentals of Delphi to build a variety of solutions for many devices and platforms. Author Marco Breveglieri will provide you with an overview of Delphi, its principles, its environment, and its use of Object Pascal language so that you can harness its versatility. With Delphi Succinctly, the power of Delphi is at your fingertips.

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Table of content

The Story behind the Succinctly Series of Books

About the Author

Chapter 1 A First Glance at Delphi

A Look Inside the Box
Libraries and Frameworks
One Language, Many Projects
Installing Delphi
Launching Delphi

Chapter 2 Your First Application

Creating a New Project
Adding Controls
Responding to Events
Run Your Application
Deploy Your Application

Chapter 3 Exploring the IDE

The Tool Palette
The Form Designer
The Code Editor
Structure View
The Object Inspector
The Project Manager
Other Panels

Chapter 4 The Object Pascal Language

Fundamental Elements
Variable Declarations
Variable Assignments
Basic Data Types
Record Types
Structured Statements
Exception Handling

Chapter 5 Object-Oriented Programming with Delphi

Classes and Objects
Instantiating Objects
Type Checking
Class Reference Types

Chapter 6 Making Real-World Applications

Introducing the VCL
Setting Up the Project
Customize the Main Form
Creating a Main Menu
Adding a Main Toolbar
Defining Commands
Using Images
Adding a Rich Text Editor
Using Standard Actions

Chapter 7 Cross-Platform Development with FireMonkey

Creating a Multi-Device Application
Displaying a List
Defining a Data Source
Using LiveBindings
Accessing Data Using FireDAC
Adding Commands
Responding to User Actions
Running the Application