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Delphi in Depth: FireDAC

Published by : Jensen Data Systems

Writed by : Cary Jensen

Published date : 11/05/2017

ISBN-10 : 1546391274

ISBN-13 : 9781546391272

Language : English English

Web site :

About Delphi in Depth: FireDAC

Cary Jensen's book, Delphi in Depth: FireDAC: Learn how to connect to a wide variety of databases Optimize your connection configurations Explore the world of indexes, searches, and filters Discover the power of persisted datasets Create flexible queries using macros and FireDAC scalar functions Achieve blazing performance with Array DML Master the art of cached updates Add sophisticated features using Local SQL

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Table of content

Introduction Chapter 1: Overview of FireDAC Chapter 2: Connecting to Data Chapter 3: Configuring FireDAC Chapter 4: Basic Data Access Chapter 5: More Data Access Chapter 6: Navigating and Editing Data Chapter 7: Creating Indexes Chapter 8: Searching Data Chapter 9: Filtering Data Chapter 10: Creating and Using Virtual Fields Chapter 11: Persisting Data Chapter 12: Understanding FDMemTables Chapter 13: More FDMemTables: Cloned Cursors and Nested DataSets Chapter 14: The SQL Command Preprocessor Chapter 15: Array DML Chapter 16: Using Cached Updates Chapter 17: Understanding Local SQL Appendix A: Code Download, Database Preparation, and Errata Index