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Delphi in depth : DataSnap

Writed by : Eden Wu

Published date : 29/07/2020

ISBN-13 : 9789869530019

Language : Chinese Chinese

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About Delphi in depth : DataSnap

Full-end development of website applications -Introduction Let you enter the full-end development field from Zero to One, master the back-end knowledge and also learn front-end development know-how, tap new skills in web development : 1. Delphi advanced framework - DataSnap, builds all-round back-end knowledge. 2. The connotation of jQuery EasyUI front-end technology and the concept of operation close to VCL components. 3. Common database operations. 4. Covers front-end and back-end integration practical applications such as introduction to grammar and component introduction. -For those who need this book: ★People who have been exposed to JavaScript but don’t know how to start to tap back-end skills ★People who have been in contact with Delphi but don’t want to relearn. ★People who are always bad at writing Delphi programs ★Those who want to use DataSnap to develop full-end projects -Book features 1. This book adopts by step to step development of the full-end website application of the background management system, so that learners can do it implement and learn immediately. 2. The code of the whole book is presented without reservation, and the key points will be excerpted and explained again to strengthen the understanding and memory content. 3. Provide illustrations on the principle of the framework, so that readers can focus on the key points of learning. 4. The finished product can be immediately used in business experience to achieve over-speed learning results.
內容簡介 讓你從 0 到 1 進入全端開發領域,掌握後端知識同時也學會前端開發訣竅,點開 Web 開發新技能 Delphi 進階框架 -- DataSnap 全方位構築後端知識。 jQuery EasyUI 前端技術內涵及接近 VCL 元件的操作概念。 資料庫常用操作。 涵蓋語法入門,元件介紹等前後端整合實戰應用。 給需要本書的人: ★有接觸過 JavaScript 卻不知道如何開始才能點開後端技能的人 ★有接觸過 Delphi 但又不想打掉重練的人 ★老是寫不好 Delphi 程式的人 ★想運用 DataSnap 開發全端專案的人 本書特色 1.本書採漸進式開發後台管理系統的全端網站應用程式,讓學習者能馬上做,立即學。 2.全書程式碼毫無保留的呈現,重點處還會節錄再說明,更加強化理解與記憶內容。 3.提供關於框架原理的圖說,讓讀者更能聚焦學習重點上。 4.實作成品能立即應用在實戰中,實現超速學習成果。 專文推薦 Eden 是我見過對 Delphi 最有愛的工程師,沒有之一。__【Delphi.KTOP 資深版主 Jason Wong】 Eden 的堅持,是目前台灣地區 Delphi 不可或缺的精神,我從這本書裡面看到 Eden 的用心。__【Indy TIdDNSServer、Delphi / Kylix -Indy 網路程式設計作者 張子仁】 本書從前端的 Javascript 說起,漸近地深入後端 DataSnap 實作,最後將前後端串起來,這樣的佈局,尤其對全端不熟的開發者而言,相信可以很快速的入門與應用 !__【Delphi.KTOP 副站長 蕭沖】

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