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Essential Delphi 2.0 Fast

Published by : Springer

Writed by : John R. Cowell

Published date : 01/05/1996

ISBN-10 : 3540760261

ISBN-13 : 9783540760269

Language : English English

Web site :

About Essential Delphi 2.0 Fast

Delphi is a new Windows software development environment from Borland. Released in 1995, it has quickly built up an excellent reputation as one of the best Windows software development tools. John Cowell shows how to program in Delphi using various tools. He provides lots of examples and illustrations and describes various database specific tools included with the Delphi package. The book shows how to use the Borland database engine along with other database formats (including Microsoft's Access). There are a number of chapters which cover the object-oriented aspects of Pascal, and advanced programming techniques such as drag-and-drop, DDE, OLE, and the creation of on-line help systems are also looked at. New users, as well as current Visual Basic users wanting to get up to speed on Delphi, will find this clear and informative book provides all the information they need to develop Windows applications quickly, competently, and easily.

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