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How to Program Effectively in Delphi for AS/A Level Computer Science

Published by : Educational Computing Services Ltd

Writed by : Dr Kevin R Bond

Published date : 07/12/2021

ISBN-10 : 0992753600

ISBN-13 : 9780992753603

Language : English English

Web site :

About How to Program Effectively in Delphi for AS/A Level Computer Science

This textbook is available in PDF and print(1200 pages). It covers structured and object-oriented programming in Delphi (version 7 to version 10.4) and is compatible with later versions.

Delphi is based on Object Pascal which is simple and straightforward to use. Programming for mobile and tablet platforms as well as Windows and macOS X is covered in depth. 2D and 3D graphics are also covered as well as network programming and database programming.

The book shows how to connect to and embed SQL in Delphi programs for a range of databases from Microsoft Access through Interbase to MySQL. Machine learning is addressed using components written for Delphi.

The book shows how to program the Arduino microcontroller in Delphi to monitor temperature. Python4Delphi and anonymous functions also covered.

This book is available as PDF and printed edition directly from the editor for cheaper price than on Amazon.

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Table of content

How to use this book
1a Delphi Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
1b Delphi Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
2 Starting programming
3 Programming constructs
4 Introducing data types
5 Arithmetic operations
6 Pointers and dynamic memory
7 Relational operators
8 Boolean operations
9 Exception handling
10 String-handling operations
11 Regular expressions
12 Random number generation
13 Subroutines(procedures and functions)
14 Single- and multi-dimensional arrays
15 Introducing records
16 Introducing files
17 Recursion
18 Structured programming
19 Introducing Object-Oriented Programming
20 Object references
21 Encapsulation and information hiding
22 Inheritance
23 Polymorphism
24 Aggregation
25 Object-Oriented Paradigm
26 Object-Oriented key design principles
27 Class and object diagrams
28 Creating an onscreen form in console mode
29 Creating forms
30 Streams
31 Applications
32 Network programming
33 Encryption
34 Hashing and Bitcoin
35 Generics
36 Vectors and matrices
37 Graphics
38 Sound applications in Delphi
39 VCL components 1
40 VCL components 2
41 FireMonkey components 1
42 FireMonkey components 2
43 Debugging
44 Anonymous methods
45 Measuring time
46 Sensors
47 Introduction to OpenGL
48 More OpenGL
49 Game engines
50 OLE - Microsoft Excel, Word
51 Git
52 Unit testing
53 Installing packages
54 Using the IDE more effectively
55 Introduction to databases
56 Creating and executing SQL statements at runtime
57 Using DBEdit boxes
58 Using tables
59 Navigating a dataset
60 Editing a dataset
61 SQL and the ADOQuery component
62 Exploring SQL
63 Introduction to Interbase
64 Using Delphi with Interbase
65 Data modelling tools for database design
66 Project preparation
67 Low code wizards
68 Low code and REST
69 Introduction to FireDac database programming 70 FastReports
71 Database programming for mobile applications 72 Rest programming with Delphi
73 TMS software components
74 Web server applications and databases
75 Machine learning
76 Advanced graphics 1
77 Advanced graphics 2
78 Creating your own components
79 Incorporating assembly language programming 80 Python4Delphi
81 Delphi to Javascript
82 Using Delphi with Arduino
83 Serial data communication
84 Arduino Uno