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Kick Ass Delphi Programming

Published by : Coriolis Group Books

Writed by : Don Taylor, Jim Mischel, John Penman, Terence Goggin

Published date : 01/09/1996

ISBN-10 : 1576100448

ISBN-13 : 9781576100448

Language : English English

About Kick Ass Delphi Programming

In this book, you'll find the most advanced Delphi topics ever before collected between covers, explained by the gurus for the experts. Explore low-level Windows arcana, Internet development secrets, special Pentium-specific machine instructions, way-out-there database technology, and much more, all explained with a light heart and more than a touch of wit. Learn low-level Windows secrets from ace writer Don Taylor, in two brand new Ace Breakpoint programming adventures; build your own DLLs and screen savers in Delphi - no C++ required; go down to the metal with a Winsock VCL component, with which you can encapsulate any Internet protocol you need; create strikingly realistic 3D fractal landscapes in Delphi; break the relational database mold with recursive data and components to handle it; and monitor processes, handle Windows messaging, master drag 'n' drop, and a whole lot more!

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