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Mastering Delphi Programming

Published by : Macmillan

Writed by : William J. Buchanan

Published date : 04/02/2003

ISBN-10 : 0333918975

ISBN-13 : 9780333918975

Language : English English

About Mastering Delphi Programming

Have you ever wanted to write a computer program in which one computer could talk to another? Or perhaps you wanted to write a program which measured an event within a fraction of a second? Well this book shows you how to do this, using the Delphi programming language. After reading it you'll know not only know more about Delphi, but you will understand the basics of many computer applications. It covers the basics of the programming environment, and then extends this to show important applications, such as networking, data communications, operating system interfacing, and event timing. Perhaps even you wanted to write a program which give you the full power of the Windows operating system? Well it is here too, in the form of API calls.

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