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Mastering Pascal and Delphi Programming

Published by : Macmillan

Writed by : William J. Buchanan

Published date : 23/03/1998

ISBN-10 : 0333730070

ISBN-13 : 9780333730072

Language : English English

About Mastering Pascal and Delphi Programming

This work provides an introduction to programming with Pascal and extends this to show how Borland Delphi is used to develop Microsoft Windows programs. It provides real life applications and splits into three main sections: Pascal programming, Pascal applications, and Delphi programming. Practical applications include: software interrupts, hardware interrupts, graphics, date and time, system commands, RS 232 and parallel ports. This work is intended for GNVQ, A Level, further and adult education, first year undergraduate students, and for professionals and computing enthusiasts.

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