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More Coding in Delphi

Published by : Leanpub

Writed by : Nick Hodges

Published date : 17/08/2015

ISBN-10 : 194126610X

ISBN-13 : 9781941266106

Language : English English

Web site :

About More Coding in Delphi

This is a book all about writing Delphi code. Sure, there's a bit about component writing, too, but the main focus is on code. It's all about how to use the language in the most effective way to write clean, testable, maintainable Delphi code. It covers a variety of powerful Delphi programming features and techniques including Patterns, Threading, Parallel Programming, Aspect Oriented Programming, writing SOLID code and more. All that, and a foreword by the great David Intersimone!

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Table of content

Foreword Preface Acknowledgments Frameworks Used in this Book Spring for Delphi Framework DuckDuckDelphi Six Thoughts Before We Start Thoughts on Encapsulation Thoughts on Coupling Thoughts on Cohesion Thoughts on Command Query Principle Thoughts on Postel’s Law Thoughts on Composition over Inheritance Conclusion Writing SOLID Code Introduction What SOLID Is Single Responsibility Principle Open/Closed Principle Liskov’s Substitution Principle Interface Segregation Principle Dependency Inversion Principle Conclusion Patterns Factory Pattern Introduction An Informal Look at Factories A More Formal Look at Factories Factory Method Abstract Factory Conclusion Observer Pattern Introduction Baseball Data Generic Observer with Spring4D Conclusion The Adapter Pattern Introduction A Simple Example A More Practical Example Conclusion Decorator Pattern Decorator and Interfaces Summary Command Pattern Introduction A Simple Example: An Auto Key Fob Undoing Commands A Simple Queue of Commands Summary Operator Overloading An Example: TFraction Assignments Implicit vs. Explicit Using TFraction Conclusion Multi-Threading and Parallelism Introduction About These Three Chapters What is a Thread? Think Differently Why Should I Care About Multi-threaded and Parallel Programming? Multi-threading with TThread Introduction Descending from TThread Thread Termination Handling Exceptions in Threads TThread Class Methods Synchronization Abstracting the Notion of Synchronization The Perils of Multi-threading Conclusion Parallel Programming Parallel Programming Library Parallel For Loops Introduction Conclusion Aspect-Oriented Programming Introduction An Illustration The Basics: A More Useful Example AOP in a Single Place AOP via Attributes Conclusion Component Writing Introduction TSmiley – A Brief History Start from Scratch Conclusion Appendix A: Resources Source Control Patterns Appendix B: Duck Typing Introduction What is Going on Here? Duck Typing with DSharp Duck Typing with DuckDuckDelphi Duck Typing in the VCL Why Use Duck Typing? Problems with Duck Typing Conclusion Appendix C: Stuff Nick Does When Coding Formatting Stuff Spacing Coding Stuff Conclusion Appendix D: Sources Used in Writing This Book Books Web Links Videos