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The Revolutionary Guide to Delphi 2

Published by : Wrox Press

Writed by : Arjan Jansen, Bob Swart, Brian Long, Colin Winning, Dare Jewell, Douglas Horn, Ewan McNab, Paul Hinks, William Wako

Published date : 01/02/1995

ISBN-10 : 1874416672

ISBN-13 : 9781874416678

Language : English English

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About The Revolutionary Guide to Delphi 2

Aimed at professional software developers who have latched onto Delphi as their vehicle for Windows development, this title covers the advanced areas of the language and development environment. Working Delphi programmers take the reader through Object Pascal implementation, InterBase engine applications and interfacing with OWL/Paradox and the Windows API. The CD is packed with source code, demos, and tools.

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Table of content

An Outline of Delphi - the Product Delphi Pascal Delphi Object Pascal Application Design Debugging Windows Applications Writing Database Applications The Borland Database Engine ReportSmith Borland, SQL and InterBase Writing Delphi Components Data-aware Components Component and Property editors Delphi Experts and VCS The Windows API - Beyond the VCL Interfacing with other apps, using DDE and OLE 32-bit Delphi, inc. threads & OLE automation Dynamic Link Libraries Optimization