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About Marco Breveglieri

Marco Breveglieri is an Italian software and web developer. He started programming when he was 14 and got his first home personal computer, a beloved Commodore 16. There were not a lot of games to play with, so he started writing some simple programs using BASIC language. These included a bare calculator, a fake harmless OS, a text-based adventure game, and a music cassette database. Marco spent a lot of time in front of a white and black screen creating software routines, many of which might have seemed useless to everyone but him.

Going forward—and getting serious—years later he attended secondary school focusing on computer science, continuing that learning path and taking his first steps from BASIC to Pascal and C++. He earned his diploma and left school saying, “I am so sick, I don’t want to see another line of Pascal code!” Then he met Delphi, and he loved it. Cosmic irony.

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